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With our chefs from top resturants such as Tim Ho Wan and TAO, we are creating the best dim sum from different regions of China. By innovating and modernizing the art, we bring your heartwarming memories back to America — Just like yesterday, but better.


Kenney grew up in a traditional Asian family in America. With a family-run restaurant, weekdays are usually the busiest times. Only on weekends could he sit down and have dim sum together with his parents. Such a tradition has been an essential part of his childhood memories.In 1992, Kenney started co-managing his family's restaurant. Managing a busy Chinese restaurant in upstate New York was not an easy task. Every day, Kenney had to drive 2 hours after school to the restaurant, take care of waves of hungry customers, and afterward, got home late and sweaty with the smell of grease and food. It was three years of hard work, and eventually, Kenney had to quit and pursue a career as an IT Professional.Then he slowly realized that many dim sum restaurants had faded away. One after another — many of his favorite dim sum places, together with his precious childhood memories, was gone without a trace. People said it was due to rising costs and fierce competition, but Kenney didn't know much until he made one of the most critical decisions in his life.While working in his 9th year as an IT professional, Kenney started to think about opening a Chinese restaurant, but this time, he was all by himself alongside his full-time job.After multiple restaurant launches, Kenney discovered exactly why the old business model, like his father's when he was young, doesn't make sense anymore. Labor, rent, and many costs constantly increased, putting pressure on the daily operation. Moreover, the category and style of dim sum in the US also lacks creativity and stays the same for decades, while in Asia, they are constantly evolving.In 2010, feeling the urge to pursue his dream, Kenney quit his full-time job and devoted himself to the restaurant industry. That was when he figured out: By switching to smaller restaurants with a simple kitchen design, he could focus more on the food and service.Now, with chefs from Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, Kenney and his teams are creating the best dim sum cuisines from the north and southern China. And by elevating and modernizing the cuisine with all of his experience in the industry, Kenney is sharing his heartwarming memories and bringing dim sum back to America — Just like yesterday, but better.

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Hey Brooklyn!Remember the last time you tried Dim Sum? — Now you can forget it!You are all invited this Saturday to our Grand Opening to celebrate our all-new, next gen Dim Sum restaurant landing in Brooklyn.Dim Sum as a cuisine has been a worldwide staple for Chinese food culture. It has been constantly evolving in Asia. but in America, it has stayed the same and lacks creativity for decades. That’s why we take the matters into our own hands.As a specialist and an innovator of the art of Dim Sum in America, we have successfully elevated and updated the cuisine to the modern standards, while staying true to the source origin and the authentic taste.But it’s not just about the food itself — We have overhauled the service and the design of traditional Dim Sim restaurants. With our cute (but very efficient) robot servants and our revolutionary interior design, we promise you a unique Dim Sum dining experience you’ve never seen before!As a thank-you, you will have our free and delicious fried pork bun when you join the loyalty program! Min purchase required an while supplies last.Dimmer & Summer

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Dimmer & Summer
Address: 196 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (929) 295-9999

Venue Seating
- Dining room: 22 Guests
- Mezzanine room: 12 Guests
- Bar: 6 Guests
- Total: 49 Guests
*For parties of 5+, please call our restaurant for availability. For all other party sizes, it's on a first come, first serve basis.


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